It’s Tuesday morning. You wake up ready to give the day all you’ve got…then Tuesday had some unplanned events in mind for you.

Day in, day out, you’ve been putting in the work, the contribution to society, the love to your family and you’ve even been taking better care of yourself than you have in years.

All those things you couldn’t seem to conquer in the past have become history and everything has been running as smoothly as possible it seems for at least a few months since the last natural disaster in your life. You’ve even been more kind, you’ve been forgiving and even patient with others and yourself.

So here it is, what has Tuesday brought us today?

Any day of the week can bring events and circumstances that make us feel sad, angry or even drained. Any minute we can experience pain that we didn’t see coming. The question is what are we going to do with that pain after the initial shot has been taken to the mind, heart, or spirit?

Let’s pause right there. Here is where we are going to decide whether we will choose faith or fear. Right here, right now is where we choose between “fight” or “flight”. Did you know you have options? Are you going to abandon the situation because it isn’t worth the fight or do you or someone you love need you to be the strong one this time and fight the right way with the purest intentions?

Here, ladies and gentlemen, is where you must decide to say, “I have not and will not ever be given anything that I cannot handle. I am grateful and honored that I have been chosen to accept this obstacle as a lesson that will only take me and others to the next level. Being given this undesirable challenge means that I am strong enough to overcome this. I am able and I know I will do what it takes to turn it all around for the better.“

It’s ok if at first you don’t know how to really mean those words when you say them. Repeat those words every time you reach a troubled bridge you’re afraid to cross. Eventually, they will make sense to you and you will connect with this truth so deeply that you won’t ever forget it.

After all, it works!

We were created with the strength to endure and overcome whatever this world has handed you. You have all the tools you need to be victorious through any challenge you may ever face.

We strongly encourage you to look deep within yourself today and muster up whatever size of hope you have left. Decide to get busy living, stay busy loving and fight until you see the light because the light is what will guide the way.


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